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3675 W New Haven Avenue

Melbourne, Florida 32904

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Welcome to Electronic Sheetmetal Craftsmen of Florida!

Electronic Sheetmetal Craftsmen of FL., Inc. was established to fill a NEED - the need for competent and experienced close-tolerance sheetmetal fabrication service for both government and private enterprise. We never forget that we started this company in order to serve our customers and we keep our customers' best interest in mind at all times. We want you to feel confident of our support and service to your operation team. Present and future customers are welcome and encouraged to visit our modern facilities at any time. We are pleased to receive inquiries and give consultations about individual fabrication needs without any obligation.

We have 22,500 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities and the skilled personnel to manufacture precision products that will fill your needs -- from small clips and brackets to complex weldments and assemblies eight feet long.

We offer service that is as high in quality as our products. We work to ensure our customers’ satisfaction through on-time deliveries and competitive prices. Our JIT (just in time) capabilities have gotten an enthusiastic response from old and new customers alike.

Ricky W Miller President

From commercial, government (military) defense to aerospace and avionics products, Electronic Sheetmetal Craftsmen of Fl., Inc. thrives today because of it’s never ending commitment to QUALITY and SERVICE. Let us put our 40 years of experience to work for you!


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